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Sciences & Society Course Unit

UE Sciences & society is a course unit common to all the last year students of Master's degree in coastal and marine sciences.


This innovating educational program is co-piloted by LabexMER and PERISCOPE sciences & society platform. For PERISCOPE, the stake is to develop a culture of interdisciplinary, in particular in the interface man-nature, and to increase awareness to stakes in the sciences & society interface. For the education and training axis of LabexMER and for the persons in charge of the EDSM (Doctoral School of Marine Sciences) and Master's degrees SML (Marine and coastal Sciences), it involves decompartmentalizing the disciplinary approaches, but also confronting points of view, enriching the representations, opening education on the world, and creating more links between the students of the different Master's degrees and the PhD students.

A group of PhD students motivated by these interfaces between disciplines and between sciences & society is trained in team building and aware of the science & society stakes. The PhD students and the students of Master's degrees attend in a day of conferences in September. The PhD students are then in charge of accompanying an interdisciplinary group of students of M2, during a month on a dozen hours in October. Together, they will work on a societal problem in connection with their PhD researches.

The PhD students will lead their team of M2 and will mobilize them for creating and operating an innovative valuation of their work with the students of M1 during the EU '' Enjeux et problématiques ''.

Listen to the song "hydrothermal vents" by Clémentine Le Jouan Master Degree student at IUEM. This song was created for the Sciences & society course unit in 2013.


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