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Charlotte Skonieczny

Characterization of the Ogooué River terrigenous inputs to the Equatorial Atlantic during the last 25ka: Interactions between climate, weathering and humans in Central Africa

PostDoctoral Fellow: Dr Charlotte Skonieczny
Scientific Sponsors: Dr Germain Bayon and Dr Samuel Toucanne, Laboratoire Environnments Sédimentaires (LES), Unité Géosciences Marines, Ifremer.
LabexMER Research Axis 4: Sediment transfer from the coast to the abyss.

Specialized in Paleoclimatology and Geochemistry, I am principally interested in the characterization of the terrigenous fractions of the sediments transferred from the continent to the ocean by aeolian and/or fluvial systems of transport and more particularly on the climatic, environmental and anthropic information that these detritic particles can tell us. Main of my works is geographically focused on the West African margin and may cover several temporal windows from the event (few days), the seasonal and inter-annual scales in the present-day climatic context to the last climatic cycles (e.g. last million years).

In this framework, the main objectives of my current LabexMer postdoctoral project are to:

 (1) - Better constrain the forcings influencing the terrigenous inputs on the african equatorial Atlantic margin during the last glacial/interglacial cycle.

 (2) - Try to discriminate the influence of climatic versus human forcings on the transfers of sediments from the Ogooué basin to the Gulf of Guinea margin during the Holocene.


Contact: charlotte.skonieczny@ifremer.fr

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