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John Counts

Depositional Controls, Sedimentary Characterization, and Geomorphology of Turbidites in the Iles Eparses, Southern Indian Ocean

PostDoctoral Fellow: Dr John COUNTS
Scientific Sponsor: Stephan Jorry (GM-Ifremer)
LabexMER Research Axis: Axis 4 : Sediment transfer: source to sink & mud to mantle

Using newly acquired core and seismic data on Late Quaternary to recent sediments in the Indian Ocean, this project seeks to create a comprehensive picture of a complete, source-to-sink sediment transfer system that has not been studied previously. The sediments in question comprise the first significant record of carbonate turbidites in the Indian Ocean, and will be used to develop a conceptual depositional model for sediment transfer to the deep ocean near mature carbonate platforms. In addition, the stratigraphic distribution and δ18O isotope record of these deposits provide a unique opportunity to develop a new, high-resolution sea-level record for the last one million years, enabling the reconstruction of the long-term sedimentary response to climate change in a region where very little data exists.

Figure caption: Newly acquired bathymetric data showing extensive carbonate fan systems in the Îles Glorieuses, Mozambique Channel

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