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Ewan Harney

Environmental effects on Development in Scallops (EnDevScal)

PostDoctoral Fellow: Dr Ewan Harney
Scientific Sponsors: Dr Pierre Boudry (LPI-PFOM, Ifremer) & Dr Gregory Charrier (LEMAR / UBO)
LabexMER Research Axis: Axis 6: Evolution of marine habitats and adaptation of populations

Elevated atmospheric CO2 is a major driver of global change in marine environments, causing sea surface temperatures to rise and acidification of marine environments. Together these stressors may have additive, synergistic or unforeseen consequences for many populations of marine organisms, particular during development. This project focuses on how these climate stressors influence development in two populations of the great scallop Pecten maximus. Populations of this species in Norway and France are genetically distinct, but it is unclear whether these differences arise as a result of adaptive or neutral processes. Similarly, the extent to which plasticity accounts for phenotypic differences between populations is unknown. Controlled common-garden laboratory experiments on juveniles from France and Norway at different temperatures and pHs will reveal the contributions of environment and genotype to phenotypic differences. Integrating these results with global patterns of gene expression and protein abundance is key to gauging how these populations will adapt to future climate change.

Light microscope image of 2 month-old Pecten maximus (Great Scallop) from France (© Ewan Harney)

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