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Call for proposal : international postdoctoral fellowships in Marine Sciences and Technology



In order to be eligible, applicants must :
- have obtained their doctoral degree within the last four years at the closing date of the call. This condition of 4 years maximum after the thesis is considered either from the defence date or from the graduation date (most advantageous case) and can be extended in special cases (maternity, illness...). Applicants submitting more than 4 years after the thesis (maximum 4 years + 6 months) will be considered if they can provide a letter of support from one of theme representative.
- have spent a minimum of 18 months abroad (outside France) from 1 May 2018 until the start of the project. 


Download the guidelines call

How to apply  ?


The candidates will submit an original research project relevant to one of the ISblue research priorities (ISblue research strategy presentation), and propose collaboration with a local host.  The local host(s) should be affiliated to one of the ISblue laboratories and be responsible for providing adequate office and lab. space for the duration of the postdoctoral position. Communication with one or several potential ISblue hosts prior to submitting an application is strongly encouraged.


Submit your application using the uploading link below : please upload one single pdf document

DEADLINE DATE : Friday 30th April, 2021