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International chair on stable isotopes

Open position for international chair in Stable isotopes BIOGEOCHEMISTRY / PALEOCEANOGRAPHY

The University of Brest and IFREMER solicit application for a fixed term 3 years position in Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry and/or Paleoceanography.

The successful candidate is expected to conduct innovative research using stable isotopes to address a range of fundamental questions related to biogeochemical interactions in extreme marine environments, including the subsurface deep biosphere and seafloor hydrothermal systems, as well as climate, environment and oceanographic reconstruction using the marine sedimentary rock. One focus could involve a “source-to-sink” approach that examines the production, transport, deposition, and burial of terrestrial and marine organic materials over a range of spatial and temporal scales. Another focus could be abiotic and biotic carbon cycling in the deep ocean, in particular along mid-oceanic ridges (e.g. serpentinization, magmatic processes), within deep-sea habitats (hydrothermal systems, cold seeps), and within the deep subsurface biosphere in volcanic basement and deep sediments.

The International Chair is expected to foster the application of stable isotopes in relation to research activities of the LabexMER Axis 3 & Axis 4.

The successful candidate is expected to develop novel analytical approaches and methodology to investigate the distributions and isotopic compositions of organic biomarker molecules, gases and/or minerals in geological, biological and environmental samples. Active collaboration with biologists, chemists, geochemists, and marine geoscientists in Brest is encouraged. Both sea-going and laboratory-based approaches are expected through either internal or extramural funding.  The LabexMER will provide support for three years, including salary of the Chair and research team (postdoc, students, technician) for a total of 600 kEuros. Funding for three new state-of-the-art stable isotope mass spectrometers have been already acquired by the PSO (“Pôle Spectrométrie Océan”) facility in Brest for a total of about 995 k€.

The International Chair and research team will be hosted in one or several Labex Mer laboratories, either in the laboratory of “Domaines Océaniques” or at the Department of “Marine Geosciences” in Ifremer. Teaching will not be compulsory for the candidate but would be welcomed at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Stable Isotopes, Geology, Geochemistry, Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography, Deep Biosphere, Ocean-Atmosphere interactions.

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